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Hi! I'm Elizabeth

About Me

Welcome to Ask Elizabeth, I am the founder of this Holistic Haven and place to Unearth your Wellbeing. 

Shop, Blogs, Podcast and Counselling Support.

I am a Counsellor, Holistic Health Advocate, Fundraiser and an avid enthusiast of living a low toxic life. Educating myself on ways to enrich my life, so it is a long, healthy and a happy one.  

Ask Elizabeth was created as a way to educate people about holistic health. Covering all facets: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Social. 

Initially, Ask Elizabeth began by offering blog posts, with advice on an array of topics. Also offering a place to answer questions and when I did not know the answers, I would go on the journey of discovery.

 However, I quickly realized that to reach individuals of diverse ages, genders, ethnicities, beliefs and values, I would have to expand.

That is when my podcast Unearthing Wellbeing was created. I now offer the opportunity to read and listen. 


The common thread from all, particularly on Instagram was the demand for a one stop shop.

Originated from how much I loved using them for myself and recommended them on.

Purpose of the Shop

I am dedicated to make this place to shop a Holistic Haven which promotes health on all levels.

Where Our Greatest Wealth Is Health.

As I continue to advocate for this, you will see numerous products from an array of companies which align with my ethos of products from the earth to target our desires and expectations.

So I will offer natural, organic, vegan alternatives to the conventional ranges out there.

I will also be donating $1 of every purchase to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre to continue my quest of a world without cancer, one instalment every time I hit 100 orders, you can donate here too. 

I am committed to being Environmentally Conscious: by using recycled and plastic free posting where I can (reducing waste sent to landfills), wrapping in honeycomb instead of bubble wrap and recycled tissue paper, plus writing postal details rather than printing postal labels + for my products stamping best before date instead of stickers, using biodegradable/compostable pouches and recyclable labels, which in turn support the organisation Restoring Australia, which Officeworks has partnered with to plant trees. Lastly, l am walking to the post office to drop off deliveries rather than driving. Reinforcing the message that it does not matter about the aesthetics, it is what lies beneath.

After a pandemic and multiple personal stages of growth, I realised that Telehealth is the new trend. Therefore, I have decided to offer my Counselling Support via this platform too. Mental health is prevalent today and impacts all at least once in our lives, it does not discriminate. Our mental health can have an acute effect on our everyday lives. As a counsellor and a person I have both experienced and witness the struggles mental health issues can have on you. Thankfully as a society we are slowly recognising the need for open and honest conversations about this and I hope one day it is publicly discussed without the current stigma that 'one is sick'. Until then, I along with countless others will help in any way we can to better the lives of all with unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy. 

So again, Welcome to Ask Elizabeth - Shop, Blogs, Podcast & Counselling Support. 


The products I will be selling are selected by me, that I use personally and for that reason, I advocate for. These products in no way cure illnesses, but I have personally seen benefits in the consumption and use. It is always advised to use such products in conjunction to a balanced diet and exercise regime to see the best results. If you have any existing medical issues or have questions about the products, more specifically about if they are ok to use, please consult with your medical practitioner first. 

The podcast and blog are intended to share information. They are not a replacement for mental health / therapeutic sessions. Answers to questions and comments made, are suggestions only. Everyone's health is individualised thus, if you are wanting to try some or one of the recommendations provided from this blog, you should consult your medical practitioner first.  Although the sources to my research are reliable, errors or omissions may be present. If this is something you see, feel free to email me. If you feel triggered or experience mental health difficulties due to any content read, please seek help from a GP or mental health support practitioner.


If there is an emergency call 000 (Australia) and if you are experiencing distress please call Lifeline Aus. on 13 11 14. 

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