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Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Travel can be one’s self-care. To relax, unwind, be happy, be passionate, excited, exhilarated and everything in between. We could leave on a whim and for some the only thing prohibiting them from travelling were: a passport, financial means and work leave. But now that is not possible, as we are currently in stage 4 lockdown here in Metropolitan Melbourne. We need to acknowledge and accept that if we are feeling distressed, upset and devastated - that is normal.

Personally, I planned to go on a trip to America, as a graduation present to myself - as you can foresee, that dream was put on hold due to the corona virus. However, stewing over things out of our control is not productive nor helpful. Rather, I wanted to appreciate some of the beauties I've been blessed to see across the world.

Perhaps you’re like me and crave seeing new corners of the earth and the gems that are yet to be discovered. The beautiful culture and languages foreign to your own. The scenic features that are postcard worthy. The food and the fashion! The thrill of exploring is one I do not think I will ever cease to yearn for. It is something I look forward to and it is an investment in myself.

I want to appreciate that in some ways, my travels have made me who I am. Thinking about that brings a smile to my face because the memories I have made abroad and here in Australia, which I have been so fortunate to make, will be held close to my heart for years to come.

We need to ensure we are granting our minds, bodies and souls the chance to re-energise, repair, and be loved in alternate ways. Whether it be looking at photos and reminiscing about spectacular journeys you have embarked on, printing out those photos and putting them in albums, researching where to explore post pandemic or doing something completely different - your options are endless! Just make sure you look after yourself and remember, the world is your oyster and it is not going anywhere!

My parting words to you are: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

Until next time,

- Ask Elizabeth.


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