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Our natural flora and fauna are powerful and fragrant elements which can aid one in bettering themselves in all aspects.

In this blog we will be exploring how the simple act of combining essential oils with water can aid in augmenting our health both emotionally and physically. This is called Aromatherapy.

The art of extracting these essential oils directly from our earth, is extraordinary and healing. They are concentrated and aromatic.

What is most amazing about these drops is that they all play a vital role in our health and wellbeing. For an example, Lavender is utilised to assist with sleep where as Cedarwood helps those who suffer from anxiety. That is just scratching the surface on all the amazing benefits welcoming oils into your lives can do for you. I know for one, that during these testing times having some help from natural remedies can make the world of difference.

Imagine telling someone that they are not alone and that their suffering can be eased (even in the slightest) via natural treatments - not just medication, which has a plethora of side effects! You would consider it wouldn't you? Alexandrovna (2020) supports this stating that essential oils unequivocally have great health benefits, they contain healing, tranquillising and antibacterial qualities. Essential Oils also have anti-inflammatory; antimicrobial; antioxidants; and antiviral properties (Ramsey et al., 2020). I use the lavender personally for a natural form of repellant against mosquitos which works wonders. Further, it helps regulate the postpartum physiological and psychological functions, showing favourable results on the following: post-delivery nausea and pain (both natural and cesarean); nipple pain; stress; anxiety; depression; fatigue and mood (Tsai, Wang & Chou, 2020). These statistics alone indicate the profound potential of aromatherapy.

Not to mention something as trivial as cleaning can have profound impacts on our health. Moreover, these oils can be utilised as an alternative to store bought cleaning products which are full of chemicals and only take 20 seconds to enter your blood stream! Some of the oils which are frequently utilised for cleaning purposes include lemon, lime, wild orange, peppermint and eucalyptus.

There is always caution that needs to occur as some people may have allergies, however unlike medications which can be addictive, aromatherapy is not. It is important to note that if you are wanting to use it for health issues, please go on the journey with your doctor, it is not advised to replace medication with oils.

You can start your exploration using the link below:


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