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Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Acupuncture is a type of medicine whereby needles are put into the skin in various positions on the body, which are regarded as energy points (meridians). It has been utilised within China for centuries, and aids in recovery from various physical and mental circumstances.

I was referred to commence this by my father who has been seeing a Medical Acupuncturist for years, ever since having an accident which has left him with ongoing chronic pain. As I have calcium malabsorption in my lower back as well as adenomyosis, causing extreme pain, stiffness and migraines, it was suggested for me to commence. Fast forward 18 months and I recognise the improvements within myself, especially now that I am having a break due to COVID19. I am counting down the days until I can return.

Acupuncture is commonly utilise for musculoskeletal symptoms including: Cancer pain; Neck Pain; Osteoarthritis; Lower back pain; Chronic Pain; Postoperative Pain; Migraines; Acute Pain; Tension-Type headaches and Pelvic pain.

The reasoning behind this is that acupuncture assists in reducing central sensitisation, which basically refers to how we feel pain, by reducing that, we are reducing the severity of some of the above symptomology (Lai, Lin & Hsieh, 2018).

According to Liu et al (2019), acupuncture is very efficacious when utilised in conjunction with rehabilitation for individuals suffering from strokes. More specifically, it allowed patients to become more mobile and help relieve some pain.

BMJ (2020) reported that acupuncture helps individuals who suffer from migraines. Further, these people whom either did not like taking medications or could not take it for various reasons, finally had an alternative which was seen to work. It was found that the frequency and strength of the migraines lowered with the more treatments conducted.

Another condition which many people have without realising, is angina. A problem which causes extreme pain within the chest and spreads across the upper body. According to research, utilising acupuncture as part of therapy can have advantageous success for the individual. Moreover, this method of treatment can alleviate anxiety and depression plus also level out the sympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve during treatment (JAMA, 2019).

For my father specifically, there is a distinct mood shift when he returns from relaxation acupuncture and normal acupuncture. It is like the stressors, negative emotions, pain are all alleviated and is replaced with peace, calm, and tranquil state of wellbeing. Personally, I am definitely more relaxed and less tense upon arrival home.

As the years progress, more information will surface supporting this non-surgical, non-medication alternative to healing. For now, you can consult your doctors and potentially try it for yourself.


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