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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

I have always had a positive association with massage. Just thinking about it allows my body to begin to relax. Almost like what a progressive muscle relaxation would do in session with my students, but with another's physical touch.

There are many forms of massage, and I will go into the benefits of relaxation massage as this is the one, I had with Angela.

Some of the following benefits listed might seem obvious but we sometimes take these things for granted:

- Relieving inflammation, tension and pain within the body. Our vessel holds all the emotions we feel in our bodies, and if we don't regularly body scan, they can lead to tension and pain. Massage is a form of manipulation which can help elevate this.

- Whilst doing the above, our blood pressure as a result lowers, because of how relaxed we feel. Allowing all systems to go to a more homeostatic level.

- Reducing stress: relaxation massage works hand in hand with reducing our stress levels, meaning our cortisol levels are not going to be firing as much, and our serotonin levels are increased! Which in turns makes us feel good - feel happy! Also reducing psychological distress.

- Our sleep will improve as a result of feeling less stressed, anxious and depressed also.

- Improves blood flow: as our body is massaged, circulation is improving because the blood is moving to the areas where pressure is being put.

- Improves the appearance and tone of our skin, allowing to glow from inside out.

Although I am an advocate for massage and all of its benefits. In this world its rife with unqualified masseuses. Making it sometimes dangerous for one to get massages. It is very important to choose someone who is trained in this area as they are working with your body. We don't want our body to be in more trauma!

By a chance in fate, I came across Angela who is a qualified massage therapist, and I thought it is probably time I had a full body massage. In my line of work, I always advocate for a Holistic approach to our health. And in many ways, I gift myself with forms of self-care including natural and high-class supplements, skincare and makeup (which you can purchase via my website), or things like Organic 50% Hot Chocolates, which I make and sell too.

I digress, but what I was trying to get at was massages have never been very high on my list. I think this has stemmed from my desire for convenience and wanting to do things myself.

However, I booked myself in with Angela, and oh my, was it the best decision I made! Can I just say I have not felt that relaxed in a very long time. After one hour of massaging out all my knots and reminding me to focus in on my breathing so it would speed up this process, it was just so good. Not one of my body parts weren't tended to. Angela was attentive, her level of pressure was just right for me, and her touch just sent me to a place of pure Zen.

After making me relaxed and tranquil, Angela with my permission sent me reiki after my treatment which she also offers.

Angela is only a 15-minute drive from me - located in Templestowe, she offers a full body relaxation massages and reiki healing session for $70.00. You can contact her for a session @angela_reiki_healer via Instagram and Facebook.


Certificate IV in Massage Therapy at MIMT Melbourne Institute of Massage and Myotherapy

Diploma of Remedial Massage with MIMT

Reiki Qualification with Usui Shiko

Royo Degree Course of Natual Healing


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