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    This week on the podcast I was honoured to have Lauren Brant on. I thought it was important to extend this to a blog post because awareness can save lives, thus the reason she is spreading her story with anyone who will listen. According to the Cancer Cancer, approximately 15,500 people will be diagnosed with Bowel Cancer (Colorectal Cancer) in 2021. The chance of survivng for up to 5 years is 70%. Earlier this year she lost her sister-in-law, Sandra Brant to this egregious disease at the tender age of 41. She battled this disease for two years before losing her life to it. Now it is Lauren's mission to get people talking and more aware about this type of cancer which is curable if detected early. Symptoms include: change in bowel habit including diarrhoea, constipation or the feeling of incomplete emptying a change in the appearance or consistency of bowel movements such as thin bowel stools blood in the stools abdominal pain, bloating or cramping anal or rectal pain a lump in the anus or rectum weight loss unexplained fatigue tiredness and/or anaemia (pale complexion, weakness and breathlessness) blood in the urine or passing urine frequently or during the nightchange in urine colour – dark, rusty or brown. Sandra had been experiencing stomach pains for over a year before being accurately diagnosed. She had previously been to numerous specialists, all of whom misdiagnosed her with conditions like endometriosis and IBS just to name a few things. Meanwhile her cancer was growing. She went through six months of chemotherapy, with operations to follow and in March 2020, Sandra was cleared of cancer. However, just a few months later, she was told it had come back but this time more aggressive, a mutated form that had progressed to stage four. Unfortunately Sandy succumbed to cancer. Her final wish before her untimely demise was for Lauren and husband Barry Hall to spread awareness wide and far. Adults under the age of 50 do not get offered a free kit to get tested, so you need to take control of your body and do your due diligence. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, rule out the worst case scenarios first, it may save you or a loved ones life. You can purchase a test kit here. Remember you are never alone, you can reach out to the below organisations for support: Bowel Cancer Aus - 1800 555 494 Cancer Council - 13 11 20 Mummy’s Wish - 1300 045 741 Berry Street - 03 9429 9266 If you would like to listen to our podcast episode here, feel free to review and share also.


    Have you had protein powders before and they have a fake taste and chalky texture after ingesting? Well we do not have to suffer through drinking and eating our recommended dose of protein anymore!! And - it comes in two flavours: vanilla and chocolate. I have showed on my socials many times before how great they are and its not only the taste and the various ways you can incorporate this into your regime that I am referring to either!! Replenish Protein is a nutrient-rich vegan protein, with Organic Fermented Pea and Fava Protein, Magnesium and BCAAs. This is not just targeted for females who are working out either. This is great for people who lack iron, magnesium, need to build muscles - specially females going through menopause and are losing bone density - this is for you. Not to mention men of all ages!! So you don't have to use this protein in only just water or milk form! I enjoy making: - Protein Immunity Boosting Pancakes - Banana Smoothies - "Cherry Ripe" Smoothie Bowl Just to name a few things!! Bonus is that its got a great taste and doesn't require additional sweetness, So try yours today whilst it is on sale for $50.00 - Flavours are Chocolate and Vanilla.

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    For the last fortnight I have been trialling out the above product: Fresh Feels Intimate Wash. This product was created because the owners saw a gap in the market that required to be filled. Especially for one of the co-owners who was undertaking chemotherapy sessions and the products available at supermarkets and chemists alike were not fulfilling the promises - providing a product that made you feel fresh in your most intimate of regions. Supplementary to this it is advised by practitioners and experts in the field to eliminate synthetic products from ones lifestyle and exclude ingredients like aluminums, parabens and sulphates too. This is because it disrupts the endocrine system. Utlimately everyone should be living and breathing a low toxic life and this is one way to start. This is why I am so excited for the launch of Fresh Feels. This brand aims to make you feel fresh, whilst not disrupting your PH levels. With active ingredients, aloe vera, cucumber, patchouli, sweet orange and bergamot. It did not disappoint and upheld its promise of leaving you feeling fresh!! As you may be aware I am a complete advocate for natural products so this ticks another box for me, not to mention: - 100% Australian Made - PH Balanced - No Sulphates - No Synthetic Fragrances - No Synthetic Ingredients - Not Tested On Animals - Paraben Free - Plant Based You can purchase yours today here.

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    SHOP NOW Ask Elizabeth provides a Holistic Health Shop with the best quality natural products all in the same place. NOTHING ARTIFICAL AUS OWNED BRANDS COMPLETELY NATURAL A.E. Range Prestige organic ingredients to create supreme products made by me. Skincare Nourish your entire body with the upmost care, with 100% natural ingredients Nutrition Check out my range of high quality supplementation, catering for all needs Makeup Feel beautiful with high performing and non-toxic cosmetics "My dream is to help as many people as I can so they are their happiest and healthiest selves!" SHOP NOW Bundles Invest in self or give the gift of health with one of these hampers and save! graphic element “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.” – B.K.S. Iyengar s Elizabeth's Story What was born out of a need for education and inspiration, has transformed into so much more. A One Stop Holistic Health Shop, providing the best quality products. "Each and every product I now sell, I used long before and saw with my own eyes the incredible benefits. So I am excited to take the hassle out of it all for those wanting to invest in their health and go on the jounrey of low tox living." BEST SELLERS Quick View Replenish Vanilla Protein Price $59.95 Add to Cart Quick View Femme 250g Price $49.95 Add to Cart Quick View Purify 500g Price $59.95 Add to Cart Quick View Thrive - Scrumptious Strawberry Price $49.99 Add to Cart Quick View Replenish Vanilla Protein Price $59.95 Add to Cart Quick View Femme 250g Price $49.95 Add to Cart Quick View Purify 500g Price $59.95 Add to Cart Quick View Thrive - Scrumptious Strawberry Price $49.99 Add to Cart Share the love

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    Quick View Enliven Collagen Eye Cream Price $130.00 Quick View Awaken Collagen Day Cream Price $125.00 Quick View Radiance Collagen Night Cream Price $125.00 Quick View Enrich Collagen Body Butter Price $99.00 Quick View Wild Olive Oil Price $98.95 Quick View Cleanse Price $89.95 Quick View Brilliance Pineapple Coconut Collagen Price $79.95 Quick View Brilliance Unflavoured Collagen Price $79.95 Quick View Rejuvenate Collagen Face Mask Price $79.95 Quick View Purify Collagen Face Mask Price $79.95 Quick View Renew Collagen Magnesium Soak Price $69.95 Quick View Botanical Beauty Oil Perfume Price $65.00 Quick View Violet Kiss Oil Perfume Price $65.00 Quick View Wild Flower Oil Perfume Price $65.00 Quick View Peachy Glow Body Oil 100mL Price $49.00 Quick View Mama Luxe Body Oil 100mL Price $49.00 Quick View Superfruits Face Oil 15mL Price $45.00 Quick View Raspberry Remedy Face Oil 15mL Price $45.00 Load More

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