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Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Deciding to eliminate all toxic use in my hair and skin products was a no brainer for me when my zio passed away from cancer. The more I researched the more I learnt how the products we use play an instrumental part in our health and wellbeing. As it only takes 20 seconds for the products we use to enter our blood stream. Scary isn’t it? Especially when the products we are using are synthetic and on the cusp of being toxic! Not to mention the fact that they include carcinogens and endocrine disrupters responsible for causing cancer. Ultimately his demise in 2017 motivated me to strive to live a low toxic life which saw me searching far and wide for a deodorant which did the job and was not harmful to me.

Aluminium is found in majority of deodorants, ultimately blocking the sweatducts to ensure we are not sweating. Meaning it has no place to go and the primary functions of sweating are not happening. These include: our bodies way to regulate our body heat, detoxifying and flushing out toxins, removing salts responsible for kidney stones as well as creating a barrier to prevent pathogens from entering (WFP, 2017). Imagine this sweat going back into our bodies? Disgusting!

I cannot tell you how many “natural” deodorants I tried before finding my one true love! Most of them did not have the sneaky chemicals in it when you read the ingredients, however some did, which was a major no no for me! The others which didn’t, and were completely natural, however left me all sticky, smelly and asking myself whether this entire feat of searching for a completely natural deodorant with no aluminium was a waste of time.

Then it happened. Black Chicken was introduced to me via an Instagram influencers post of what she uses. And the rest is history!

This all natural and effective deodorant (Axilla Deodorant Paste Original) ticks all the boxes for me. Yes, it was an adjustment to go from sprays to roll-ons to paste however I soon adapted and I couldn’t be more grateful for this powerhouse brand and product! For all my sensitive skin friends, this is also the way to go! Plus the aroma is great and it does not discolour my clothes too.

Another thing you will notice when and if you convert is that you will be getting sick less frequently as your immune and lymphatic systems are functioning more effectively.* Hallelujah!

Black Chicken not only provides products that are natural and amazing, they educate those who want to take the leap. Below is a list of ingredients you should avoid!

Heart on hand I would suggest if you haven’t already to take the plunge and try this product for yourself. And - as a way of saying thank you for becoming followers of Ask Elizabeth there’s a discount code below.

Lots of love and light - Ask Elizabeth 💫

Discount code: CLICK HERE



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