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As a counsellor, I have learnt about the amazing benefits utilising sensory items can have on a person's mental and physical states. I have the below bin and use it with my little students. Sensory items allow individuals to focus on what they are touching and inadvertently help them relax and calm down. When people touch and feel these items, it is with less discomfort and fear, enabling them to learn social cues such as sharing, arranging and organising.

- Sensory play aids in augmenting nerve connections within the brain as well as motor skills

- It allows people to learn skills to problem solve

Sensory bins are great way to engage your child in sensory play. It naturally encourages children to play, create, investigate and explore. Each Magic Learning sensory bin container is reusable and easy clean up and storage. Our sensory bins are packed with materials that will help you and your children spend time more playing.

Take a look at the amazing sensory bins on offer on their instagram page; @magiclearning_

You can purchase yours today on the Magic Learning website.


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