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I began yoga this year as a way to implement exercise, but one that did not require as much energy as opposed to HIIT per se. I can not express how this has been so invigorating for me. By incorporating this form of movement, I have been able to stretch, unwind, re-energise and have restful sleeps because of this practice. I have noticed that I am more grounded, calm and take things slower. For someone who is very meticulous, organised, stressed and anxious that is a big thing. Obviously yoga is not the only reason for this shift but I know how I feel before a yoga session and I know how I feel after. Mind you, it does not have to be a hour long! Even a 5 to 10 minute yoga stretch works wonders for the body.

Cowen and Adams (2005) did research into the true effects yoga has on the body and found that participants body strength and flexibility increased whilst their blood pressure and stress levels decreased, This notation is phenomenal to recognise as many people with differing health issues would benefit from doing yoga, according to the results seen. Moreover, Buffart et al. (2012) found that Breast Cancer patients who began yoga had both psychosocial and physiological positive effects. Yoga was also highlighted as an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments, finding that people who suffer from Epilepsy positively improved with respects to their wellbeing, physical, mental and social health, as well as and most importantly, being able to manage their seizures (Shawahna & Abdelhaq, 2020).

If these amazing research paper results do not entice you enough, how about the fact that yoga is completely free! There are a shit load of videos on youtube and once you master the technique you won't even need to refer to them. All you need is a space to do the movements and preferably one that is quiet - and you are good to go!

I would love to hear your thoughts and results, when and if you try it yourself.

- Ask Elizabeth

Note: If you would like to read the research I mentioned above for yourself, simply click on the references that are underlined and it will direct you there.


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