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This week on the podcast I was honoured to have Lauren Brant on. I thought it was important to extend this to a blog post because awareness can save lives, thus the reason she is spreading her story with anyone who will listen.

According to the Cancer Cancer, approximately 15,500 people will be diagnosed with Bowel Cancer (Colorectal Cancer) in 2021. The chance of survivng for up to 5 years is 70%.

Earlier this year she lost her sister-in-law, Sandra Brant to this egregious disease at the tender age of 41. She battled this disease for two years before losing her life to it. Now it is Lauren's mission to get people talking and more aware about this type of cancer which is curable if detected early.

Symptoms include:

  • change in bowel habit including diarrhoea, constipation or the feeling of incomplete emptying

  • a change in the appearance or consistency of bowel movements such as thin bowel stools

  • blood in the stools

  • abdominal pain, bloating or cramping

  • anal or rectal pain

  • a lump in the anus or rectum

  • weight loss

  • unexplained fatigue

  • tiredness and/or anaemia (pale complexion, weakness and breathlessness)

  • blood in the urine or passing urine frequently or during the nightchange in urine colour – dark, rusty or brown.

Sandra had been experiencing stomach pains for over a year before being accurately diagnosed. She had previously been to numerous specialists, all of whom misdiagnosed her with conditions like endometriosis and IBS just to name a few things. Meanwhile her cancer was growing.

She went through six months of chemotherapy, with operations to follow and in March 2020, Sandra was cleared of cancer. However, just a few months later, she was told it had come back but this time more aggressive, a mutated form that had progressed to stage four. Unfortunately Sandy succumbed to cancer.

Her final wish before her untimely demise was for Lauren and husband Barry Hall to spread awareness wide and far.

Adults under the age of 50 do not get offered a free kit to get tested, so you need to take control of your body and do your due diligence.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, rule out the worst case scenarios first, it may save you or a loved ones life. You can purchase a test kit here.

Remember you are never alone, you can reach out to the below organisations for support:

Bowel Cancer Aus - 1800 555 494

Cancer Council - 13 11 20

Mummy’s Wish - 1300 045 741

Berry Street - 03 9429 9266

If you would like to listen to our podcast episode here, feel free to review and share also.


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