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I have been raving on for a few years now about how important it is to treat your body with respect and love, in order for it to function and flourish tenfold. That includes eating healthy and taking supplements. If you haven’t guessed it (I’m surprised) collagen is right up there for me!

It is responsible for helping with hair, skin, nails, bones, joints, ligaments and the gut - I won’t go on because you can read all about it here.

HOWEVER, although it is vital to start from within, it is effective to have a skin care routine. I may be biased but if the evidence proves that consuming collagen has so many benefits why wouldn’t you also use it in your every day beauty regime?

Well that’s where Kissed Earth came up with their skin care range including face masks which I have already featured on the blogs here, but now they have extended the range to include; day, night and eye creams, cleanser, botanical water and body butter.

I have been using the products in my routine of late and love that I’m treating my body from inside and out!

I am so passionate about using natural and organic products and the ingredients in these are superb. It feels luxurious using them, and I think everyone should at least try them once in their lives.

For those interested in buying, click here.


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