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Fresh Feels

For the last fortnight I have been trialling out the above product: Fresh Feels Intimate Wash.

This product was created because the owners saw a gap in the market that required to be filled. Especially for one of the co-owners who was undertaking chemotherapy sessions and the products available at supermarkets and chemists alike were not fulfilling the promises - providing a product that made you feel fresh in your most intimate of regions.

Supplementary to this it is advised by practitioners and experts in the field to eliminate synthetic products from ones lifestyle and exclude ingredients like aluminums, parabens and sulphates too. This is because it disrupts the endocrine system. Utlimately everyone should be living and breathing a low toxic life and this is one way to start.

This is why I am so excited for the launch of Fresh Feels. This brand aims to make you feel fresh, whilst not disrupting your PH levels. With active ingredients, aloe vera, cucumber, patchouli, sweet orange and bergamot. It did not disappoint and upheld its promise of leaving you feeling fresh!!

As you may be aware I am a complete advocate for natural products so this ticks another box for me, not to mention:

- 100% Australian Made

- PH Balanced

- No Sulphates

- No Synthetic Fragrances

- No Synthetic Ingredients

- Not Tested On Animals

- Paraben Free

- Plant Based

You can purchase yours today here.


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