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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

I still recall the first time I found out about this brand and when it was born. I was sitting at placement during my lunch break scrolling through my instagram feed, when I began watching Rachel Finch's (Co-Owner) story. She was explaining how she hadn't been using conventional perfume for years and she wanted something that was both beautiful in smell but more importantly natural. Meanwhile I am nodding along watching my screen probably looking like a complete fool to onlookers. THEN she said she was excited to be launching KYND SCENT. My initial shock morphed into excitement and as soon as it was launched I immediately bought the tester box.

You can read the following articles which support the use of perfumes containing natural ingredients:

You would know by now that I have been a quest to irradiate toxins from my life, however it was hard to find let alone part with my favourite perfumes. Working at Chemist Warehouse really allowed me to enjoy the different smells, scents, fragrances. With every scent taking me to an experience or person in my life. From early on - even before working I found my scent. So when I made the change I knew I had to be 100% happy with my selection, hence the testers. Their scents are: Violet Kiss; Wild Flower (my fav); Cool Earth and Botanical Beauty.

As I use to say with all my customers, choosing a fragrance is personal and unique to the individual so what I like or suggest may completely be off for the person purchasing, which is why it is so great KYND SCENT have testers so you can decide which is for you.

This now extends to skincare, with the most decadent, elegant and extraordinary ranges to suit everyone. They have two body oils: Raspberry Remedy and Superfruits, They have a cleansing oil called Sunny Days as well as two body oils one targeted at pregnant women called: Mama Luxe and the other being Peachy Glow.

Just to tell you a sneak peek of what you would be smelling and experiencing here is a preview of the face oils. Raspberry Remedy includes raspberry seed oil as well as roses, the former helps repair and regenerate skin, whilst rose acts as a soothing tonic, reducing inflammation and redness. Along with some beautiful other ingredients including camellia, prickly pear and vitamin E. Superfruits is the ultimate superfood elixir, blended with the richest oils, including some of the above ingredients as well as pomegranate, fruit extra and rosehip.

You can explore their range at their website or purchase from my shop here.

In this climate and time, it is irresponsible if we do not look at what the companies we choose does to ensure we have a planet for the generations to come. KYND SCENT does their part by committing to continue to better and enhance their products and practices to keep moving forward with their sustainability journey. Consciously looking at their packaging and where the products are sourced. Currently, they utilise glass as opposed to plastic, where possible, their skincare come in boxes printed on FSC certified paper. Not to mention they have partnered with treesforthefuture, planting 5 trees for every KYND SCENT purchase.

You can listen in more depth to everything KYND SCENT does and stand's for in my PODCAST with Co-Founder Emily Ing. Simply follow me on instagram and subscribe to the podcast for up to date news.

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