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Medicinal Mushrooms

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

When I tell people about my medicinal mushroom consumption, they ask "Magic Mushrooms?!?" To some peoples dismay, no I am not taking drugs, it is in fact one of the oldest forms of medicine that is grown in high grounds of mountains in China. Each and every mushroom has a diverse role whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally. These are known as adaptogens, helping one become more resistance to various stressors.

You may be skeptical about this form of healing, aiding and regeneration, but trying it for yourself will quell any doubt.

I have been taking different types of mushrooms for about 8 months now, and the evidence is clear how powerful they truly are. My immunity before commencing taking such remedies was horrible. I was lucky if I only got sick twice per year. I have not been sick at all this year. Run down, sniffles, tickle in the throat yes, but actually sick, no. This was one of the indicators that there were positive benefits occurring within my body because of this new habit I had acquired. Not to mention other crazy amazing things which I will go into below!!

I have tried three different brands now, all of which have been great however the current brand by Kissed Earth has my heart. They have 3 products which make up the mushroom range: Brain Elixir; Magic 8; and Divine Woman. Each product has a different role.

Brain Elixir is the first of the range, it contains Lion's Mane Mushroom as well as a collective range of nootropic Herbs and Botanicals. This formula helps with clarity and focus. Personally I noticed the difference with Brain Elixir within a few uses. My body now hums for it and within 30 minutes of consuming, I feel like a sheet has been taken off my brain and I no longer have brain fog, am able to concentrate and get through so much work. I wish I had this when I was completing my VCE and University studies because I know this would have helped tremendously. It also helps with memory, mood and overall well-being. According to Hamilton (2020), Lion's Mane also helps decrease oxidative stress as well as being an anti-inflammatory. Increasing one's ability to remember and learn new information.

Lion's Mane is generally found and extracted coming off the bark of trees. Lion's Mane has an ingredient called Erinacines, which have powerful antioxidant ingredients, believed to help delay the degenerative diseases associated within the brain and extend one's lifespan. Some of the diseases include: Parkinson's, Dementia and Alzheimers (Villanueva, 2020).

Magic 8 is the second in the range. As the name reveals, it contains eight types of mushrooms: Lion's Mane; Reishi; Cordyceps; Shiitake; Poria; Turkey Tail; Snow Fungus; and Maitake. This combination aims to help a person with their immunity, circulation, gut health, energy and overall vitality, nervous system and mood. This is product I hold responsible for my overall health. It is amazing. how effective it is at strengthening my immunity.

It has been found that such medicinal mushrooms have the ability to combat against diseases including diabetes, cancer and hypertension. The ingredients responsible for these amazing actions are: polysaccharides, amino acids and triterpenes. As we are aware, these mushrooms have anti-oxidant properties, but they also have fibres, minerals and proteins (Neha & Bharat, 2014).

Reishi Mushrooms "Ling zhi", Maitake translated in Japanese to "dancing mushroom", Cordyceps and Turkey Tail are considered to have anticancer ingredients, whilst building the immune system. A host of studies actually found that utilising Turkey Tail with chemotherapy, as a way to hinder the immunosuppressant reactions to chemotherapy have been attributed to assist in strengthening immunity and is utilised in therapies for prognoses such as cancer and immune deficiency syndrome. Reishi's are also known to help improve sexual virility. Shiitake is another of the medicinal mushrooms, known as a "Black Forest Mushroom" high in antioxidants. It is important to note that people on blood thinners or whom bleed easily should not consume this type of mushroom (Duke & Bennett).

Divine Woman is the last from the mushroom blends. As implied, this product is for all the women! YAY! We need all the help we can get. I speak from experience as I say that, because every day is different when it comes to hormones - do not even get me started about when we are menstruating! Personally this has helped me with my own body, as I have adenomyosis (interal-endometriosis). Divine Woman is made from Poria Mushrooms and Botanicals, including Angelica Root, Goji Berry, Jujube, Schisandra, Asparagus, Rehmannia Root and White Peony.

As you may have recently seen, Rachael Finch did a Live Instagram video with Jocelyn Fullerton, whom elaborated on the benefits of Divine Woman. It is great for pre-menstrual symptoms such as fluid retention, swelling and bloating. Not to mention it is also a bit of a sedative as well, aiding in calming the mind, reducing palpitations and the nervous system. Schisandra is an adaptogen, helping to protect the body from stress, lifting ones mood and assisting with focus and concentration, ultimately reducing brain fog. Angelica Root moves and nourishes the blood, reducing stagnation. Ultimately helping us function during our periods and minimising pain. Goji is very nourishing, powerful antioxidant that is also neuroprotective. Rehmmannia Root is known to be good for people with PCOS and Endometriosis.

I love using my mushrooms and herbs in my hot chocolate elixir (video in previous blog). However it can also be used in chocolates, savoury dishes, shakes, absolutely everything! I suggest to start with a 1/4 teaspoon and gradually build up your intake.

Like everything, it may not be for everyone, so consult your practitioners first, especially if you are pregnant, have pre-exisiting issues, and/or take medication.

You can purchase these products HERE!

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