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Updated: May 5, 2021

You probably do not know this about me, but I absolutely love fashion, it may be because of my Italian heritage, or the fact that my Nonna was a dress maker or the fact I did textiles during high school and asked my parents to buy me a sewing machine one birthday. But I love it so much, it allows me to express myself, it helps me manifest my personality and convey how I am feeling and it genuinely makes me so happy. I think that fashion has made me build my self-efficacy and self-love over the years too.

That's why when I first saw this new drop from B.O.D By Finch, I knew I had to have it. It's funny how the universe presents itself when you least expect it because I contacted B.O.D a few months back wanting to collaborate to share with you all about the amazing products up for offer. Then the new drop occurred and I received an email confirming they too would love to join forces.

This isn't your normal partnership because I have been a lover of the brand for years and you may have realised I love each and every brand Rachael Finch owns, because her ethos really resonates and aligns with mine. I believe fashion genuinely does connect well with holistic health because this form of expression allows stories to be told, emotions to be conveyed, transformations to occur, passions dreamed about to become a reality, milestones to be marked with statement pieces, garments to be passed on throughout the generations, old pieces recycled to make new, the opportunities are endless.

I think specifically B.O.D helps motivate people including myself to move our bodies, which is incredibly important for various reasons including to decrease stress, release endorphins, maintain a healthy body weight, and the list goes on!!! Not to mention allows women to feel beautiful in their own skin.

What I absolutely adore about this range is that the leggings and bra is made from recycled polyester, which comes from a certified recycling facility - guaranteeing the fabric used has come from post-consumer recycled source. Further, the benefits of this method is:

1. Using recycled polyester saves water, energy and reduces carbon emissions compared to virgin polyester.

2. Provides a pathway for recycled materials.

3. Gives the polyester an extended second life, which will be used many more times than something like a plastic bottle.

4. Reduces our reliance on natural resources for our products.

To make recycled polyester fabric, plastic PET containers are broken into flakes, where they are then melted and made into shaped pellets. The pellets are then melted and extruded (think being squeezed through a shower head) to make fibre. The fibre is then crimped, cut, drawn , stretched and baled, where it is processed into yarn then to fabric.

This just ticks all the boxes for me as I am really invested in sustainability and ethical sourcing, with their aims to lower their impact on the environment.

Not only are the leggings very attractive on the eye the elasticity of the waist band is incredible. I absolutely LOVE them!! They hold in my stomach very well, and the elastane allows it to bounce back very well.

The Ultra Leggings are back in B.O.D's new beautiful Desert Palm colourway! Featuring directional tonal gel prints and a bonded waistband with a raw edge finish, these 7/8 length leggings your go-to staple this season.

I wear a size XS.


78% Recycled Polyester, 22% Elastane

I also love the design of the crop top with the two strips going through the holes it elevates it so much! It is both comfortable and supportive, featuring soft removable cups, a mesh racer back and scoop neckline. Made from moisture-wicking fabric with a bonded waistband, raw edge finish and tonal gel B.O.D print. The suction on the crop is one of my favourite features.

I wear the XS


78% Recycled Polyester, 22% Elastane

Oh my god!! The Relax Sweat and Piper Trackpant are what dreams are made of!! As soon as I slipped into them I instantly felt relaxed. This is now my go to self-care / lounge attire!! It is so soft, and it actually reminds me of my childhood where I would wear block colours and rock it! The colour is chocolate but I would also peg it as an olive. Just Devine and perfect for the colder months.

The Relax Sweat is designed for an oversized fit, this sweat features an embroidered logo, rib cuffs and rib neckband, and a silver B.O.D rivet. Whilst the Piper Trackpants is super comfy and warm, these trackpants have you covered this winter from the couch to the dog park. Featuring a rib waistband and side panels with front welt pockets and functional herringbone drawcords.

I wear a Small in both


Cotton Polyester Brushed Fleece

In addition to fabric-based improvements, B.O.D are looking at improving their packaging. In full support of the Australia government’s 2025 National Packaging Targets (all packaging is to become recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025), B.O.D have taken the first step of adding the ARL (Australasian Recycle Logos) onto their packaging, highlighting how to dispose of the packaging correctly. Keep an eye out for the little recycling logos on their packaging on your next purchase.

B.O.D have also reduced the size of their polybag, changing from one single sized to two smaller ones. This has resulted in an overall reduction of 43% plastic on the smaller sizes (that your leggings and crops come in) and a 17% reduction on for all other styles.

B.O.D have designed their products to be washed in a way which reduces your impact on the environment. Please follow the care instructions on your B.O.D garments, as washing them in cold water and line drying is not only better for the environment by reducing your carbon emissions and water used, it will make your B.O.D goodies last longer.

All garments within their range are carefully crafted by their partnered suppliers. All of their suppliers undergo rigorous ethical auditing to ensure that they operate within the fundamental human rights highlighted in the Ethical Trading Initiatives Base Code, along with other ethical and environmental considerations.

This is just the beginning. B.O.D are continuing their journey to producing conscious activewear that embodies the values of sustainability, ethical sourcing and protection of the planet.

Overall, I couldn't recommend these beautiful pieces enough. This will be worn alongside my cocoon jacket!

You can have a look through the new range here.


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