Do you use fibre supplements?

Have you ever turned your product over to read the ingredients? If yes, do you understand what they are?

Unfortunately many people put a lot of faith and trust into the brands that bring us products we need and sometimes love. We assume that all products are made equally and are of the highest quality, cleanest choice, without unnecessary fillers. Contrary to popular belief this is not the case.

So I began making my own products which were both effective and clean, and after many videos showing you all how I make them, the desire to take the inconvenience out of it was heavily conveyed. So I made PURIFY, the perfect bowel moving, fibre filled, detoxifying product! Why I use it? It has helped me shift my hormones back to harmony thanks to this special cleansing blend. How is this done? Fibre! A simple way to support our health as it helps with liver detoxification and has the potential to kick excess hormones to the curb.

Fibre friendly PURIFY may help with the following: bowel moving, liver purifying, hormone regulating mixture supporting gut health. This combination not only gives you fibre, but omega 3 from the chia seeds, and prebiotics from the slippery elm and psyllium husk.





Gluten Free

Dairy Free

No Preservatives

Further, this mix inadvertently helps with gut health. Aside from each ingredient being a fibre it also has pre-biotic factors, which its main aim is to assist with the continuation of good bacteria. Flaxseed is known to have high values of lignans. It has been found that consuming flaxseed on a daily basis has been found to reduce cholesterol and chances of getting endometrial and breast cancers, as well as helps to protect the heart whilst lowering blood pressure. Whilst Chia Seeds helps with weight loss, boosting the metabolism, also helps to fight cervical and breast cancers, energy booster, just to name a few.

How To Use: 1 teaspoon per day with water, juice or in smoothies.

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