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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Have you had protein powders before and they have a fake taste and chalky texture after ingesting?

Well we do not have to suffer through drinking and eating our recommended dose of protein anymore!! And - it comes in two flavours: vanilla and chocolate.

I have showed on my socials many times before how great they are and its not only the taste and the various ways you can incorporate this into your regime that I am referring to either!!

Replenish Protein is a nutrient-rich vegan protein, with Organic Fermented Pea and Fava Protein, Magnesium and BCAAs.

This is not just targeted for females who are working out either. This is great for people who lack iron, magnesium, need to build muscles - specially females going through menopause and are losing bone density - this is for you. Not to mention men of all ages!!

So you don't have to use this protein in only just water or milk form!

I enjoy making:

- Protein Immunity Boosting Pancakes

- Banana Smoothies

- "Cherry Ripe" Smoothie Bowl

Just to name a few things!! Bonus is that its got a great taste and doesn't require additional sweetness,

Flavours are Chocolate and Vanilla.


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