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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

As well as being super delicious and addictive, seeded crackers have some amazing benefits.

I could not express how benefitial it is to make what you consume. You are able to add so many nutritional ingredients to make a powerhouse snack. And yes for those time poor people, it takes work however it is worth it.

These crackers I made took about 2 hours including cooking time, give or take. BUT before you dismiss my suggestions read on to all the amazing advantages you get by making them yourself.

According to Dr. Kathleen Mahannah by adding the below ingredients, they are not only high in fibre, they also have omega 3 fatty acids which helps to get rid of excess oestrogen and reduces inflammation in the body. Where as sunflower and sesame seeds are known to support healthy progesterone levels. Besides other illnesses, this in women who suffer from endometriosis as well as other hormonal issues, would be very helpful. Further, flaxseed, one of the ingredients in the crackers is known to have high values of lignans. It has been found that consuming flaxseed on a daily basis has been found to reduce cholesterol and chances of getting endometrial and breast cancers, as well as helps to protect the heart whilst lowering blood pressure (Nadeem, Khan, Khan, Shah & Niaz, 2020). Moreover, all seeds are rich in minerals and vitamins including Vitamin B and E as well as magnesium, iron, zinc, and calcium. If you read De (2020) article you will see a break down of how powerful each and every seed is.

I do not have to emphasise how amazing this snack is, the research speaks for itself! But, I will let you know what I added to mine, to say thank you for being such supportive readers and subscribers.

Sunflower Seeds - Flaxseed Meal - Pumpkin Seeds - Chia Seeds - Sesame Seeds

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