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Seeking Help

I think taking a beat from my regular blogs is important during these weird times...

For many the stigma around mental health issues is still around. This to me is devastating. As a Counsellor and as a Human Being. We as a society are basically disregarding peoples feelings and making them to believe that there is something wrong with them when they are not ok, and that coming out and acknowledging that one needs support insinuates they are “crazy” or “sick”. Well guess what. Screw them!

Do not get me wrong we are getting there with this issue but not fast enough!

Honestly there’s a reason why the rates of suicide are sky rocketing!!! Tobin Brothers announced this week that of 9 funerals they were doing on the one day, they ALL were from suicide. And that’s what has been reported!!! We need to be MORE KIND to one another. If you need help seek it. It’s ok to feel like you can’t handle things on your own. This is why we have services in place. To help you.

We all will be going to therapy at one point in our lives because we cannot deal with issues arising. Frankly, that should be more frequent because if we are recognising that we need help early we are avoiding all the devastation, angst, saddness, anger, frustration, hopefulness, isolation, suicidality, grief, loss, exhaustion; and whatever else we are experiencing for a lot less time!!!

I’ll give you an anecdote of my experience. I went throughout my life without speaking to not one therapist. I think I should have. This last year I’ve been applying for jobs having rejection after rejection. And one of my most recent attempts at an internship stood out. The interviewer told me plainly that I would not go further in the interview process because I had not been on the other side of therapy as a client. Annoyed, insulted and angered to be told this, I was. But when I continued to ponder about this I knew in myself I should take this time to do some sessions and explore into my soul. Because no ones perfect and there is always things we can improve on. A few months later and here I am with two sessions under belt and many more to go. Why? I want to be the best version of myself; happier than I already am and more self-aware.

Now, I ask you, do you need sessions? Are you ok? Because if the answer is anything other than yes, you need to consider this suggestion seriously. 3 weeks ago Minister of Health - Greg Hunt announced that Victorians would be entitled to a total of 20 subsidised or free (under Bulk Bill) sessions with the Medicare Mental Health Plan Scheme. This Scheme allows us to get access to psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers & GPs at a discounted rate. I hope soon too this will include counsellors. But for the meantime, I leave you with this;

Your health; your life, is as important as any other. Treat it with the utmost respect and care you would with anything else you care for. If you feel off, sad, alone, angry, confused - whatever it is, consider speaking to someone seriously.

We’re all in this together.

- Ask Elizabeth

Link to information regarding plan:


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