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For years now I have been utilising sunscreen. It is my non negotiable to use in my every day regime, particularly in my skin care routine. It might sound vain, but I want to have great skin at 50 just like mum and that means I need go protect my skin. Not only that I want to live for as long as possible that means not frying my skin till it’s like leather and increasing my risk of skin cancer, meaning protection is key!

You will fall in love with zinc oxide as your new UV blocker for its natural healing qualities on sensitive, inflamed or damaged skin. Say goodbye to chemical sunscreen breakouts and stinging eyes forever!

Statistics show that by using conventional sunscreens you are increasing your risk at issues such as endometriosis, cytotoxicity and genotoxicity (Resource 1) so my question to you is why would you want to increase your risk of these side effects when you can use a product which is both protecting your skin from UV rays as well as the above?

Another reason for changing to SunButter is that it aims to keep our oceans and waterways healthier at the same time. Our oceans are under threat from pollution and many sunscreens are contributing to the problem. Whilst providing your skin with UV protection, widely accepted sunscreen chemicals are also killing corals, causing toxic build-up in marine animal tissues and putting a strain on our ocean’s ecosystems.

SunButter was founded by two marine biologists with a dedication to create the most effective, environmentally gentle and reef-safe Sunscreen formula on the market, packaged plastic free.

This is supported by Article 2 which stipulates that we can both be reef-safe as well as skin safe. Contending that by utilising a sun protection that only uses ingredients such as zinc oxide it is safe for the ocean and all marine life.

SunButter sunscreen is made with certified sustainable ingredients and broad spectrum UVA and UVB mineral blocker zinc oxide, which lends superior restorative and nurturing qualities for all skin types, even sensitive and/or weathered skin. This moisturising sunscreen will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and protected from the elements.

  • SPF 50

  • Reef Safe

  • No nano particles

  • No Sunspheres (Nano Plastic Particles) Certified

  • Therapeutic Goods Administration approved and registered

  • Vegan

What I personally love about this product is that not only does it rub on clear it doesn’t take ages to absorb like a lot of other products I’ve trialled in past. It’s also perfect for all skin types, including babies!

Not to mention it’s amazing that it’s both packaged in a tin and Australian made within a solar powered factory. Talk about kicking goals!

Make a purchase today by clicking HERE!


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