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I can not tell you how beneficial reading is for young and old! As you may have read in my tab dedicated to all books, it can be a source of education, inspiration, escape and everything in between. What better way to take the hassle out of choosing the perfect book for your child or for women out there, by getting someone else to do it for you - and did I mention delivered directly to your door?!

I'm sold are you?

LAYLA & MUMMYS BOOKS does just that!! and for those currently in lockdown this is the perfect way to keep the kids distracted or gain a new hobby for yourself. The boxes are released monthly. The theme for this month is Sleep for the kiddies and Mumma "Love" Box! They still have plenty of Mindfulness boxes available too which is the one pictured below.

Personally and as a counsellor these are superb tools to help teach little ones; to grow resilience, be mindful, gain good sleep hygiene and the list goes on. I will be utilising my box with my students.

Each month a box of carefully selected, individually wrapped and totally amazing children’s books will be discovered in your box. Not only that, but you will also find engaging activities to entertain and educate. So two books and two activities for the kids and one five love languages book, rose quartz candle and dipped oranges from Mildura Chocolate Company.

Boxes are $79 + Shipping

For those interested head to their website or on instagram @layla.and.mummys.books


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