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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

When I decide whether I am going to team up with companies, it is important that they stay true to and align with my own ethos and values. Vegepod ticks all these boxes and more!

For those who do not know what Vegepod actually supplies it is self watering, self-contained, microclimate protected raised bed and bags. I have got a bag which I will be showing you what I plant in the weeks and months to come, but if you have the space they also have small, medium and large raised garden beds which come with a VegeCover! So no more nasty chemicals and bugs anymore.

If that does not excite you I don't know what will!

Not to mention, the Environmental Working Group recently just released their 2021 Dirty Dozen which were: strawberries, spinach, kale/collard/mustard greens, nectarines, apples, grapes, cherries, peaches, pears, bell and hot peppers, celery and tomatoes. I don't know about you, but I will be trying to plant these where I can to save a buck or two and more importantly, to ensure the reduction in toxic intake.

Not only does vegepod promote planting your own produce, meaning you are not only consuming organic food that advocates for holistic health, but they are also true believers in all things mental health and hence major contributors to Therapeutic Horticulture Australia Association. They also teamed up with the federal government and Southern Cross University (amongst others) to create 7 community programs which provide service guides to the Vegepod gardens which are all underpinned by hort therapy principles and research (for aged care, social housing, disabilities, primary and high schools, daycare, hospice etc). It really does sing to my heart!

Vegepod is a Sydney based company, operating and owned within Australia and they now are distributing to 19 countries including New Zealand, America, Canana, England, South Africa and Singapore just to name a few places. They recently won the product of the year in the Royal Chelsea Flower Show, which if you did not know is the world's most prestigious garden show.

If you would like to purchase your own VegePod or VegeBag today go to their website.


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